Hello Fall!



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Hello Fall! My time of year for sure. It is almost Halloween & we visited not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 pumpkin patches this month! Nuts, I know. We also decided to partake in festive baking, conjuring up a carrot cake with one of my new favorite recipes as well as

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
The carrot cake in all its glory! See link in post.

translating these into a double muffin batch. One of my favorite things to do is let Kota help me cook. He’s great at measuring, pouring & mixing. There is nothing like hearing him tell dad, “I made this for you”. He always sounds so proud of himself!


If your little guy or gal is too young to start carving pumpkins, markers are always a great way to go. We ended up picking up a few small pumpkins at each patch & would let him go to town on them when he got home. Pretty, no…entertaining, yes!

Ushering in all the activities that come with my favorite season often includes the first cold of the season as well, but we were lucky to avoid that one so far. I swear by this saline spray for tiny noses by Little Remedies (affiliate link). I would literally die without this stuff and often give it as a baby shower gift. It’s really for that late night where your

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

child is losing their shit because they can’t breathe and you provide them instant relief in the form of a saline spray. You really haven’t lived until you have crawled around in the dark on your hands and knees with your husband looking for the nose drops. Or maybe that’s just my idea of a good time!

Here’s a short list some of our favorite pumpkin patches in and around the Reno area a well as other spooky activities to attend (click on the links to get more info!)



Pumpkin Patches:

Ferrari Farms (ferrarifarms.org)

Andelin Family Farms (andelinfamilyfarm.com)

Apple Hill: El Dorado County, CA (applehill.com)

Other Spooky things:

Trick or Treat at the Discovery Museum (nvdm.org)

PumpkinPalooza: Sparks, NV (pumkinpaloozanv.org)

Riverwalk (renoriver.org)

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