Local: Chimney Beach


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This spot is Tahoe toddler adventure at its best. Chimney Beach can be found by cutting through Incline Village, then hitting the 28 & going left. Right after Sand Harbor you will see a small parking lot also called the secret harbor lot… Turn in and let the adventure begin (real map link down below!)

Be sure to pack accordingly. This outing is like a small hike combined with a day at the beach. The sun will beat down and you will be a bit fatigued on the hike back up. Be prepared for it! 


“Somewhere on a beach… ”

I try not to bring a lot of stuff due to the hike (bout a half mile down) a backpack  and a half tent is great especially if you have a rambunctious toddler to chase after. Note to overly cautious mommies there are some (mild) drop offs on the trail once you get down closer to the water, so I usually let Kota roam free, but I stay on the drop off side as a barrier. 

Park in the lot and head down the trail, staying to the right… you will keep walking until you come across a small bridge, up some stairs and voila you are at Chimney Beach (should be evident by the large chimney!) 

I love this beach because it is secluded and has amazing views (see pics)! I also like the very chill hangout vibe on this beach and the short distance to the water.  If you are into jumping there are some rocks to jump off including a few toddler sized ones.

Happy trails.

He usually jumps to my arms in the water which seems insanely fun to him. There are usually dogs on this beach, but I’ve never had any issues with them. I also used to bring my dog to this beach! I don’t recommend trying to get a toddler and a dog down the trail though, unless you are feeling brave. It’s a lot to wrangle.   Be prepared to park on the side of the road if the lot is full… this is pretty typical up in Tahoe, but it took me a while to get comfortable with. 

Don’t leave home without:

Sunscreen (affiliate link)… I try to use a spray, that’s the easiest!)

– Bug spray – this is a combination hike and beach hang. I’m a big fan of the Babyganics (affiliate link) brand and I am still using some of their stuff into toddlerhood.

– Hat (I got Dakota this little truck hat second hand, super cute!)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Big truck, big adventure.



– Towel (one is fine to share trust me you don’t want to carry two!)

– Snacks (this hike makes me super hungry!) A PB & J on the beach is always a winner

– Water

– Swim trunks

– A hoodie as Tahoe gets a bit chilly out of the blue so I always bring a hoodie or a long sleeve for hanging on the beach after being in the water. 

– Closed toe shoes 

Tips: Since this is a hands on excursion I make sure Kota in in his swim trunks and swim undies before we get there. I do not give him a small pack to carry, but instead carry a medium backpack myself because there is a very good chance you will be lugging your toddler back up that hill. It’s good for your thighs moms! You got this!

This is hands down one of Kota’s favorite places. Let us know how you liked it!

Map & more details about Chimney!

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