Local: Lucky Childe Christmas Party


(This post is not endorsed or sponsored by The Lucky Childe, all opinions…good and bad… are just my own!)

Love children & coffee?! Look no further friends, I have found your holy grail…

The Lucky Childe is relatively new to Northwest Reno & threw one hell of a Christmas Party to introduce themselves to the neighborhood. I love it when someone figures out how to fill voids that need filling, such as gaps in the “moms still trying to have a social life” arena. The idea is really nothing short of genius. I mean come on a coffee shop that is kid friendly?!! What do all moms love?! Coffee (or tea)! When do they have a lot of time to burn? In the AM! Where do they like to meet other moms for dates? Coffee shops!

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Coffee? Tea? With me?! Yes, please!

In the past I’ve expressed my annoyance at larger corporate coffee shops for making moms and dads feel unwelcome with no changing tables. I actually had to change my son on a blanket in the floor one time (have we all been there??!) Don’t even get me started on the glass displays and food items in the line of sight of children. Corporate coffee… generally not on the top of my family friendly list.

This is not the case with the Lucky Childe… they embrace families, creativity and best of all messes. They are even considerate enough to parents to put a gate on the staircase. A gate. How frigging thoughtful!? Clearly planned out by a parent with little ones of their own. The care is really in the details, the bathrooms are wide and marked big & little (for those in potty training mode) and the selections for food and drink are child friendly (hello grilled cheese!) not to mention the outside patio. As a mom I adore a patio, but only if it is enclosed. And check check check…they hit this mark too! Amazing?

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Chocolate & marshmallow on a sandwich? Get out!

I really was afraid this place would be too good to be true, until I got to the party. I showed up with my friend Chara, her little girl and my own toddler in tow. They are at different stages (mine 2.5… ready to run) hers 1.5 (still toddle-ing) but the atmosphere was inviting to both. Upon arriving I noticed the building itself was beautiful, open with lots of natural light & wood/ metal fabrication. The counter girl was super friendly and after we tried to order a sandwich she told us everything was freeeee!  Sure, the skeptic in me thought so I proceeded to order & pay for a coffee. No, she told me again, not even looking the slightest bit annoyed, there was no charge for that either. Bonus points for bringing the coffee to me as I struggled to load up 2 plates while holding Kota’s hand. They had amazing sandwiches (roast beef, grilled cheese, and mallow & chocolate!) cheese boards & veggies. And they were actually being refilled, over and over again. It was nuts.

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Just like our former selves… but now with toddlers! (Right: Chara & Macie)

There was a craft area and pictures with Santa (who looked great BTW the way!) Kota showed off his skills (and love of eyes) by making an ornament with like nothing short of 15 eyes on it. No, I’m not joking… There was even a photo area with dress up props and they printed out your picture right away and wait for it… free too! OMG, I literally died at how generous this party was to parents. I felt like I had accidentally crashed a private company Christmas party.  Being treated so nice by a business when you are a busy parent who is constantly purchasing stuff for the family (uh, daily) really goes a long way in my book.

I could not believe the turnout, easily 30 families with like 2.5 kids each. Even getting there early we had to get a bit creative with seating, but the beauty of parenting children is the whole thing is one big creative experiment anyway so lap sitting and finagling chairs didn’t seem to really phase anyone. There were a lot of people packed in… all super friendly & diverse. As far as coffee things go I did try out the spiced chai (love!) and they also had sparking pear and cranberry juice. I’ll have to go in on a slow day in order to see what other amazing things they have to offer. It looked like there was normally a toy room as well, however it was being used for the party. They boast story hour and craft time (with a nominal fee) during the week as well.

Thank you for bringing some creative coffee fun to moms (and dads) in the Reno area Lucky Childe!

The Lucky Childe Website

The Lucky Childe Instagram

9620 S. McCarran Blvd.
Reno, NV 89523

(775) 299-9915

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