Reviews: Ergo Baby Carrier

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In the months before I gave birth I was gifted several wraps by friends and co-workers. I had collected them all; a Moby wrap, an older model Infantino, semi-structured carrier, a baby Bjorn classic (affiliate link) and a no name fabric wrap. I thought I was set!It became very clear early on that my baby did not like any of these carriers. Kota wanted structure, in fact he craved structure… in all things including his baby carrier. I was so frustrated by the different carriers I had on hand that I almost gave up on baby carrying altogether which would have been a complete an utter tragedy. Baby wearing is your ultimate friend. As I started to feel as if all hope was lost, it was then on a short run to Target, that I saw it. There she was… a hip mom, just like me nonchalantly wearing her baby in the coolest carrier I’d ever seen! The baby even had a little tent top to cover her face. What was this awesome thing she was wearing? I had to have it. Enter the Ergo (affiliate link).

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Moby Wrap – only good for da nap!

As the irrational first time mom that I was I rushed out to Babies R Us to pick up an Ergo. Used was my first choice of course, however I quickly realized there’s a whole underground conspiracy about a company on Amazon that had sold knockoff Ergos. I read about parent after parent being duped by these imposters that had flooded the market.  In hindsight, these carriers are probably fine, but whatever the difference was, I didn’t want it.

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What traveling with a toddler really looks like (Seattle at 7 months!)

In the baby scheme of things, my carrier cost an arm and a leg. Totaling out at $150 for the carrier and $15 for the infant insert (that Kota used for only a week!) Damn, if I didn’t get my monies worth however because I wore that thing for most naps, to the store, on the plane for our Seattle trip, etc. Out of all the tricks the Ergo performed my favorite was travel assistant. It also served a bunch of different functions for me: I could swing it to the side to give Kota a bottle or breastfeed. I could flip him around to see the world or I could cover his face from the sun, rain or whatever Reno weather elements may present themselves.

Kota & I never got to the point where I was able to wear it on my back in toddler mode. Honestly, he just wasn’t having it even after I watched a few how-to videos about getting your older child onto your back. I have seen other parents wear their toddlers (up to like 30 lb) on their back for outings and I’m completely jealous. How great! You can contain your toddler while giving them a great view of the world?! Kota’s favorite mode was forward facing. Be forewarned, once you go forward facing with your child they probably will not want to go back!

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Mommy selfie mode. Rocking the Ergo (affiliate link)& feeling pretty good a few months after giving birth

I chose the 360 version, which at the time was relatively new and contributed to the astronomical cost of the item. Despite that cost I would choose it again for all the options it gave me in the long run. I would buy a relatively newer model because the newer ones have a really structured belt, which felt comfortable to wear. Just be forewarned that this belt backfires during naps as the elastic is insanely loud when you take it off.  Say goodbye to stealth mode while baby is sleeping unless you are fully committed to just wearing it all throughout the nap. If you are actually in a pinch you can keep it on when trying to use the restroom (please don’t ask how I know this!)

Other tips:

Choose a dark color: Kids are dirty, they get things dirty, plan accordingly. Hindsight is 20/20 for me and I def went with the light, beautiful grey. I paid dearly in the end.

Take your temps into account: Do you run hot?  Do you live in the desert like me? Reno gets so hot I wish I had gone with the cool air mesh version (affiliate link).  Instead, I went traditional which worked well, however I was always worried about him getting too hot against my chest.

Try it on if you can: A big thing for me is making sure something feels comfortable on my body. Luckily there is a used baby store in Reno called Once Upon a Child, with a huge wrap selection you can try on. You have to ask for the Ergos and high-end carriers however as they are not out with the regular carriers. Another used option is a carrier sharing program. They have one over at The Nurturing Nest (Reno). I haven’t used it personally, but one of my girlfriends did and she loved it. She was able to find the perfect carrier to fit her needs.

Wear it wherever: Really, truly. Wear it to hike, to bed, to the store… I cannot stress it enough how easy this carrier is to use! Carriers are like everything else with a new baby, trial and error combined with baby + moms personal preference. Add this little gem to your arsenal to get your supermom on!

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