Local: Sheeps Flat / Tahoe Meadows


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There’s a silver lining to our winters in Reno… epic snow fun! If you love the snow, there are a ton of snow related activities available a stones throw from our little metropolitan area. After checking the weather twice (it is Reno after all!) we decided to head up Mt. Rose Highway for some sledding. You can procure a sled almost anywhere here during the winter, just do not buy it heading up the hill. There’s a bit of price gouging going on the closer you get to the Mountain. We picked up some cheap plastic sleds for this excursion, but I recommend investing in something a bit more heavy duty because as you may have guessed, we cracked one with very little usage our first time out. I am a big fan of these (afflilate link), however we were on a time crunch and bought a pair of traditional cheap plastic ones.

Don’t eat the yellow snow.

Timing: We went on a Saturday and just like Tahoe on the weekends in the summer, you just want to avoid the weekends like the plague. There wasn’t a ton of parking available, but during the weekday you will be fine. Make sure your child is dressed in bright colors, it helps you to keep an eye on your kid as well as helps others to see them.

You will head up the the hill (Mt. Rose Highway), passing Tannenbaum and eventually Mt. Rose Ski Resort. Don’t be fooled by the flurry of cars pulled up along the side by small banks on the way up. There is better sledding to be had once you get to the Meadows, much safer too! The holy grail of sledding. You will know that you are close when you see the Mt. Rose rest area on the right. This is also the start of the hike up to the top of Mt. Rose, not so good for kids but something you should experience if you are a laissez-faire hiker like me. Around the corner from this you will see the mountain open up into the Meadows. This is where it gets a little hairy… just park. There will not be more parking closer and it’s extremely difficult to turn around. I would recommend just parking and climbing up a small snow burm.

This is a great area for snowshoeing too! We saw whole families getting in a workout with kids of all ages and dogs! #wintergoals.

Sledding is best done with friends!


  • Extra change of Clothing
  • Snacks (you will be hungry mama after walking all the way back to your car)
  • Full snow gear (including water proof gloves) – Bright colors, waterproof snowsuit, etc.
  • Rope to pull your sled. This works great for pulling tired little people when you are scaling that last part of the hill back up to the car. I overlooked this and you would not believe how many people said to me, “What? you didn’t bring a rope for the sled?” Yeah, I didn’t, it’s not that obvious.

Other Tips: This might be obvious to some who have a lot of experience with the elements, but for the sake of being thorough here are some newbie tips! Wear sunblock. Some of the worst sunburns come from the reflection of the snow, even if there is some cloud cover. This also includes sunglasses for you and the little ones. I would also recommend making sure you secure your sled when you take a break. Don’t be me and lose it halfway down the hill. Yes, it happened.

Mom & Kota on the move!

For my little snow bunny this outing was a dream come true, however little people sometimes get tired and cold. Know your child’s limits. Make sure you only plan for about an hour, hour and an a half. And if you need a place to stop for lunch on the way back I highly recommend Truckee Bagel in the Galena shopping center! It’s my fave out location out of the bunch of shops they have in the area.


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