About Us

AboutUSKOTALIZAWelcome! We created this page to document our fun times together but also to provide a valuable real world resource for locations that are child friendly throughout different ages and stages. Currently, I  reside in the beautiful city of Reno, Nevada with my son Kota & my husband Xtian after relocating from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles where I grew up. I spent the majority of my late teens & twenties traveling the world with my band CIVET including multiple tours touching down in Japan, Europe & all of Canada. When it came time to “get out of the van” and finally settle down with my family I realized I couldn’t shake the adventure bug. I searched longingly (as all new moms do!?) for other moms I could relate too. I felt a strong bond to women who were funny & loved travel. I feel now (that I’ve got my feet wet a bit!) I can contribute to this body of knowledge and friendship I leaned so heavily on as a new mom.

My little man Kota is deep in the terrible twos (or is that terribly entertaining)?!? He loves being outside, building, snuggling dogs & eating muffins, all the muffins. Please join us on our journey as we navigate the waters of this awesome time in parenting. I promise to give you the real scoop and add value where I can!


Liza & Kota

Occasionally I contribute to projects, blog postings & ghostwriting gigs I am interested in. Please send me a message through the contacts page if you are interested in collaborating as far as writing goes or destination locations!